The story

I just took Ice cream for granted. Never really thought about where it came from, who was the first to discover it. I always thought it was something automatic like sliced bread. It was just there.

Well no. I still need to verify this story but what I was told Ice Cream was discovered in France. It was somewhere during the middle ages that a great king was complaining about the desert. And he wanted something refreshing cold during the summer months.

He ordered his wisest chef to come up with a solution to this problem. After long thinking the chef waited till the winter and when the day was the coldest he started making large Ice boxes. These ice boxes he carried downstairs into the basement. Imagine back then that the basements were cold and made completely out of stone and rocks. So when something was cold it would remain cold.

The chef was already familiar with vanilla, the sweet taste of it. When the summer approached he cut up the vanilla and mixed it with the ice from the basement, added a little milk to it from the cows for consistency and voila, he made ice cream for the king.