Being an ice cream freak like me and have the privilege of working for an ice cream related company the chances are you have to study & work abroad. With study I meant, I received extra schooling to know more about the ice cream making business.

The company I work for is a large strict but good company and they take really well care of their employees. It was time to go and I had to go to Italy (where else right). Before I will say it was amazing I was still excited and needed to be prepared becoming an expat in Italy.

America is such a different place and in all fairness I’ve never really traveled internationally. Being an expat instead of just a tourist would be very different. I had to think of things which you normally don’t think of like finding a good international health insurance. Make sure the service of the insurance is great and speak English. If they have mixed employees and only could speak Italian I couldn’t really get help.

First I tried finding my own international health insurance. Or some would call it an international travel insurance. My goal was to travel around as well and visit places like Switzerland because for many it’s known for their great chocolate. Same goes for Belgium.

The ice cream they would make their would be amazing. I had to make sure my international health insurance would cover travels through Europe and would always be ready for me 24/7 with English speaking service. Second was, my insurance package was not allowed to get too expensive as it would be paid partly with my allowance. And lastly, it had to be a good international health insurance with great reviews. I’m telling all this because it is important and I notice many expats, especially bloggers, not really telling you anything about it, which is a shame.

All my searches paid off as I had to choose one from the existing ones provided by my company. They made deals with several suppliers but I need to make the decision which one and which package to choose. I found the right one for me and because of that my whole expat life experience in Italy was one of the greatest moments in my life, I’m happy to tell you that.

The moment arrived that I set foot in the great city of Milan, which later I found out was almost the holy city for Ice Cream. On every corner you could see an ice cream stall.

And here I discovered a new way of ice cream, which I will be continuing with much more in later posts. Stay tuned!